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Cloud + Mobility = innovative leap

November 10, 2011

The topics cloud, mobility and security are the guiding principles leading up to the post-PC world. This was confirmed by the T-Systems Symposium 2011 on 27 October in Frankfurt.
T-Systems Symposium 2011 image
One of the central questions for the participants of the T-Systems Symposium was how corporate and customer data can be secured most effectively in the various cloud and mobility scenarios. The answers ranged from the correct choice of location for the data center through rules of conduct for employees to a clear corporate policy. It also became clear that companies will not be able to ignore trends such as "bring your own device" for long if they are to compete in the competition for the brightest minds. Many of the attending decision-makers said they are already working on corresponding integration scenarios.
Besides the technical implementation options, all of the participants heatedly and repeatedly discussed the question: How will cloud and mobility continue to develop, and how will the interplay of both shape up?
Thomas Lünendonk, market analyst and consultant, was among those clearly demonstrating that these two issues have become inextricably linked. He conferred the status of an "innovative leap" upon the interaction of cloud and mobility, much like the transition from mainframe to client-server technology in the early 80s. Lünendonk also produced topic dossiers dealing in more detail with “Mobile Enterprises” and “Cloud – More than just Computing“ which also offer check lists. Dietmar Wendt, host and Director of Sales at T-Systems, sees the current development of the two innovations into megatrends picking up speed. He believes the reduction and differentiation of fixed costs in companies through the purchase of services from the cloud to be key.
For Hagen Rickmann it is an "absolute must that we provide answers on how we can protect company and customer data”. And this holds true for each of the possible cloud scenarios, whether known as private, public or hybrid cloud. T-Systems has the answers, says Rickmann.
A short survey among the participants revealed almost unanimous satisfaction with the subject, the presentation of the issues, discussions and networking opportunities (will be available soon). And most of them want to come back in 2012.