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Smart Metering & Home Management

More intelligence in the power grid

The EU Energy Efficiency Policy, national laws and the rise of renewable energy are changing the energy market. The industry needs more intelligence in the power grid.
One thing is more important than anything else in deregulated energy markets: efficiency. And it begins with recording of the meter reading. In other words: the manual, annual reading that is so error-prone is history.
Since the beginning of 2010 the Energy Industry Act has stipulated that operators of measurement facilities must install intelligent counters – “smart meters” – in new buildings and when renovating old buildings. In addition, energy companies must offer rates that vary based on consumption or the time of day by the end of 2010 at the latest. These requirements and the development of intelligent networks – “smart grids” – are resulting in the mandate that energy companies must install smart meters covering the largest area possible. The digital meters record current energy consumption and transmit the data to the respective supplier. Customers can then find out their current energy consumption by logging on to a page on the utility company's website, for example.

Nationwide service

T-Systems offers Smart Metering Services, which provide the necessary transparency regarding power usage and generation data: customer service companies are able to charge down to the minute, distribution system operators can build smart grids, utility companies can offer more flexible rates and operators of measurement facilities can automate their processes. A close-knit network of service technicians is available for installation and maintenance. Moreover, T-Systems has high-quality telecommunications networks – fixed and mobile – and sufficient IT know-how to quickly and securely process millions of pieces of data.

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What will Smart Metering & Home Management mean to you? Significant cost savings and access to a service that is suitable for the mass market. It will give you the opportunity to offer innovative products and services to your customers because it provides consumption data almost in real-time. And because of the open, modular concept you will also gain independence from individual meter manufacturers. The service is suitable for electricity, gas, and water, as well as other meters, e.g. heat cost allocators. It can also be used for controlling Smart Home applications and devices.

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